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Calvin Can't Fly - an ASL Storybook

3 weeks 4 days ago

Hello Followers!

Our Film Team is inspired by the perseverance and strength of the Cheerleading Team, The Bobcats at the Iowa School for the Deaf. They have made school history after winning their first cheer competition!

Congratulation on your achievement ladies!! GO BOBCATS! Iowa School for the Deaf

Their story was featured on ABC7Chicago news! ABC 7 Chicago

Please help us give a warm Congratulations to The Bobcats Cheerleading Team on their amazing achievement! Check out the video of this story below!

"Calvin Can't Fly- An ASL Storybook" was pleased to partner with and have a screening with Council Bluffs Library and Iowa School for the Deaf on September 22, 2022.

Calvin Can't Fly - an ASL Storybook

4 weeks 3 hours ago

Hello Followers!

"Calvin Can't Fly: An ASL Storybook" is excited to announce that talented and engaging ASL Sign Master and performer, Crom Saunders will be performing at DEAF OPEN POETRY MIC on ZOOM this Saturday night! Crom Saunders
Public Poetry (Houston, TX)

Please see below for details:

Saturday, February 25 4:30pm- 5:15 pm CST

Website to visit the festival and buy tickets:

· All programs are accessible to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing, using ASL interpreters, or embedded text or captioning.
· All American Sign Language programs are captioned or interpreted in English

Image description: Orange graphic on beige background. Text reads "Ink-Stained Fingertips. Deaf poet and translator Crom Saunders presents American Sign Language translations of written/spoken classic poetry. In ASL with English subtitles. Saturday, February 25
4:30 pm- 5:15 om CST. Below text we see a photo image of Crom Saunders. Next to the photo image is a graphic that states "REEL poetry 2023."

Calvin Can't Fly - an ASL Storybook

4 weeks 2 days ago

Hello followers!

We are continuing to share the excitement family viewers have for the story and the wonderful performances for "CALVIN CAN'T FLY: An ASL Storybook.

It is profoundly rewarding that families with loved ones of all different abilities can watch and enjoy our film together!

Image description: Graphic on white background. Green leaves graphic surround film title reading "Calvin Can't Fly: An ASL Storybook." Under the film title is a quote that reads, "The event was awesome. Our Entire family enjoyed the event as Crom was engaging. My HOH son was actually paying attention. It was an amazing event. Thank you." Tiny bird feet graphic in between quote and quotee. Green leaves graphic surround text presenting quotee reading, "Parent Viewer. Gallaudet University Regional Center-East."

Calvin Can't Fly - an ASL Storybook

1 month 4 days ago

When an audience watches our film:

Many feel the passion of the story, and the heart behind the film making, performances and love we have for all learners.

We want "CALVIN CAN'T FLY: An ASL Storybook" to be the teacher.

Thank you Cheri Dowling for your heartfelt testimonial for "CALVIN CAN'T FLY: An ASL Storybook."

Image description: Graphic from "CALVIN CAN'T FLY: An ASL STORYBOOK" Quote reads "Wow! This is an amazing and accessible story with a heartwarming message. The ASL story and lessons are clear and easy to understand. This is an an amazing resource for deaf children and really ALL children. I can't wait for the next one!" Cheri Dowling. Executive Director of American Society for Deaf Children. @ASDC - American Society for Deaf Children