Story Summary

Calvin is one unusual starling! While his siblings and cousins learn to fly, this rare bird buries his beak in a book. Yet, when it comes time to migrate, poor Calvin realizes he cannot fly. His sisters, brothers, and cousins carry him into the air. But on their way south, the winds blow hard, the trees bend, and the air starts to smell strange. It’s a hurricane, and only Calvin can save the day — because he has read all about it.

The Program

  • Screenshot of Calvin Can't Fly ASL storybook
  • Film still with ASL performer
  • Cover of Calvin Can't Fly book

This program is a unique, interactive way to make Calvin’s story accessible to audiences of all abilities. It features voiceover, ASL, enhanced text, music, sound effects and animation, and also includes a fun, educational theater game.

It is meant to reach a variety of audiences, but especially younger children who may have difficulty understanding a story from words alone. The 30-minute video is great as a stand-alone screening or it can be incorporated into existing events.

Goals of the film

This program is great for library programs and classrooms and aims to:

  • Reach young audiences with diverse learning styles
  • Celebrate the pleasures and importance of reading
  • Encourage young learners to be true to who they are

ASL Sign Master, Crom Saunders, is a bookworm just like Calvin!

ASL performer Crom Saunders shares a heartwarming story about his childhood when he finally was able to learn his language and discovered his love of reading.