Michael Herzovi talks to The Happy Chat Show

Michael Herzovi headshot
Michael Herzovi headshot

Today I spoke with a group of people at Community Connections Life, an amazing place that serves people with developmental disabilities and dual diagnoses in Westchester County, NY. Each participant was invited to watch the Calvin Can’t Fly ASL Storybook on their own time a couple of days before we all met up over Zoom on their “Happy Chat Show.”

The participants asked me specific questions about how we created our ASL story book, as well as more general questions about publishing, filmmaking, voice over work, and anything else they could think of. It was a blast.

Questions included: How long does it take to write a book? How long did it take to make the video? What was my favorite part of making the video? How did I get started doing voiceover work?

And they offered many more kind and wonderful comments about Calvin and his quest to learn. I think my favorite question, and the one that really made me think a little bit, was “What inspires you?” There was even a short lively discussion around recording equipment and microphone technique. The room was full of great energy. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

— Michael Herzovi, Voice artist for “Calvin Can’t Fly: An ASL Storybook”

Here are some comments from the participants:

Tammy: Very Cool show.

Alex: I liked their positive attitude and how they answered my questions.

Kate: So wonderful to have them on to talk to us and tell us about the new film too.

Lois: Very educational show.

Gino: I enjoyed it a lot.

Dashawn: Lovely, lovely, film. Really enjoyed the show today.

Amanda: It was so inspiring. Very nice people.

Ellen: I loved talking with Michael and liked Sarah too.

Bill: I liked the show very much. The film was funny and fun to watch.