Calvin Can’t Fly: An ASL Storybook Video

Calvin Can’t Fly: An ASL Storybook Video

Calvin is a very unique starling. At first he is made fun of and misunderstood, but when Calvin stays true to who he is, he becomes appreciated and celebrated for his differences.

This 24-minute video is presented in ASL, voiceover, enhanced text, music, sound effects and animation followed by a fun, interactive ASL lesson.

Reactions from viewers:

“Calvin is adorable and his story is accessible and relatable to all. The author has created an entertaining production while teaching so many lessons. The ASL is captivating, clear and adds to the storytelling experience. I am excited to share this production with my students and fellow educators.” – Stacy G., Educator/Camp Director

“As a director and teacher with a disability, I was touched by this beautiful book. It clearly depicts how each of us, with or without a disability, has gifts that we can use to support each other. The ASL is so engaging, that it almost becomes another character. I highly recommend it to teach compassion, teamwork and accepting those different from ourselves.” – Tekki L., Theater Director/Storyteller

“WOW!  This is an amazing and accessible story for all!   Calvin is a wonderful story with a heartwarming message.  The ASL story and lessons are  clear and easy to understand.  This is an amazing resource for deaf children and really for ALL children.  I can’t wait for the next one!” – Cheri Dowling, Executive Director of American Society for Deaf Children

Where Calvin is Taking Flight:

A growing number of libraries and organizations are sharing Calvin with their audiences. Calvin Can’t Fly: An ASL Storybook Video is being screened at: American Society for Deaf Children, Illinois Service Resource Center, Evanston Public Library, Skokie Public Library, Gallaudet University Regional Center NE, and more!